Centre for Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology
Our Team in the SynBioCentre is led by a large team of experienced and innovative scientists and advisors spanning key areas of research, development and entrepeneurship in the Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology field. Our advanced expertise ensures that our SynBioCentre has the capability  and capacity to rapidly research, innovate, develop and progress novel ideas from conception to pre-commercial prototypes.  
Opportunities for companies, collaborators, researchers and students to work and/or partner and/or network with the SynBioCentre are available across several areas. Please contact us at synbio@ucc.ie for further information.  
News   Irish researchers at UCC seek to push yeast engineering to a whole new level. Read the UCC press release  here and see the related article in the Irish Times and the related video. SynBioCentre Director Mark Tangney to talk on how synthetic biology will revolutionize cancer medicine at UCC conference on Cancer. _____________________ SynBioCentre Deputy Director John Morrissey  is co-ordinating CHASSY (2016-2020) - a multipartner European project funded under the NMBP-BIO Programme of Horizon 2020. The aim of CHASSY is to deliver a suite of yeast strains that can serve as versatile platforms for the production of high value oleochemicals and aromatic molecules. The research will combine systems biology with engineering tools of synthetic biology to redesign metabolic pathways in the target yeast species. These redesigned strains will have optimised levels of product precursors and will serve as versatile chassis for industrial exploitation. See www.chassy.eu _____________________  
The SynBioCentre is a newly formed Centre for Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology at University College Cork. The central mission of the Centre is to use synthetic biololgy to convert novel ideas into early stage products with potential for subsequent commercialisation in the Biotechnology Sector.
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